EndMax XX93

-SM doesn't print these-

  1. 20XX ZETSU-AI ~Crime of Passion~ (vocal) [5:55]
    -4th song in Cathexis-
  2. Katuai (vocal) [4:36]
    -3rd song in Cathexis-
  3. Moonlight~eternal MOBIOUS (vocal) [5:11]
    -5th song in Cathexis-

Review: not from SM version
If you've ever seen Cathexis (the music video) more than once, you'd know that the songs get stuck in head easily and you'll soon learn to love them. Well, I love this cd, thought it was exteremly short (Koji's stuborn isn't he?). I just thought that it shouln't be too much trouble to add in the 2 remaining songs that are found in Cathexis to make this a more complete cd. But Minami-sempai decided that Koji just wanted the cd to remain a 3 song album *O-well*.

For those who still don't know, this cd is based on Koji's last album he made in Bronze vol 3, before his retirement. So the cover and credits were made as if it really were an album released by Nanjo Koji. Unfortunately, this is the only cd I know (up to now) that contains these 3 songs in their original form. So, if you want these songs, I really don't know were else to get them. But this cd IS worth getting for tracks 2 & 3 at least. Plus it shouldn't be too expensive to get (it is a mini-album after all). But unfortunately, this cd has been discontinued.

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1992/Minami Ozaki/Victor/JVC
1993/Minami Ozaki/Toshiba EMI